About the Grant

The Government of Lebanon (GOL) established a funding facility through a loan by the World Bank and managed by Kafalat SAL, called Innovation in SMEs (iSME).

The iSME Programme aims to support early stage startups, with Concept Development Grants (CDGs) to stimulate ideas generation and concept development.

Concept development grants (CDGs) will be given to eligible recipients to support the preparation and development of innovative business concepts, strategies, studies and business plans. Under this grant, potential entrepreneurs with a new business idea will be invited to apply for a small grant to help them develop their innovative concept.

The grants will be provided in two phases:

  • Phase 1: up to US$5,000 for the entrepreneur to begin working on a proof of concept
  • Phase 2: up to US$10,000 for the entrepreneur to work closely with angel investors and venture capitalists (VCs) to prepare the enterprise for possible early stage equity financing