IM Capital is funded under USAID’s MENA Investment Initiative. 

It provides Matching Capital, Equity Guarantee, with Technical Assistance to a broad range of Qualified Early Stage Businesses. This initiative funded by USAID and operated by Berytech, with a purpose to facilitate access to finance,  for startups and growing businesses.


IM Capital provides investment tools to companies, and/or through Qualified Early Stage Investors, i.e angel investors, venture capital funds, as well as incubators and accelerators.


Matching Capital

IM Capital will match up to 50% of new outside private sector investment capital, therefore reducing private sector’s exposure to risk, and closing the funding gap within early stage businesses.


Equity Guarantee

IM Capital will provide partial guarantees for investors in early stage businesses, with an overall ceiling of $600,000. This model is somehow similar to the Kafalat Loan guarantee model, yet on the level of Equity funding.


Technical Assistance

IM Capital will provide technical assistance to investors and entrepreneurs. A growing range of assistance covers training related to successful investment models, entrepreneurship and business concepts, angel coordination and assistance. Technical assistance to address critical enabling environment issues, business linkages and access to international markets is also part of the program.