A comprehensive business plan is essential for any business to be able to focus on growth and secure financing.

Why risk wasting time and resources using a standard business plan template or even a business plan software program? While you will save money in the beginning , you will likely have to revisit your business plan down the line and end up spending much more.

Klever offers the benefits of a professional business plan development services aimed to define your strategic objectives, including:

  • In-depth valuation analysis
  • Professionally written content
  • Comprehensive projections built from realistic numbers
  • Engaging graphs and visual representations to clearly illustrate important information
  • Business plan format optimized for accompanying pitch decks
  • Peace of mind knowing you did it right the first time and don’t have to redo
  • Reduce your time spent from 200-400 hours (if done alone) to a few scheduled meetings while we work with you to perfect your business plan

We have written over 100 business plans for a variety of companies with most of them successfully raising capital.

Klever has developed investor presentations for businesses for approaching traditional bankers, friends and family, angel investors and venture capital firms.

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Plan Writer

  • Create efficient strategies to prioritize and conserve your most valuable resources – money and time.
  • Realistically set and achieve your goals for sales, revenue, and profit.
  • Develop tools to enroll investors, business partners, and employees.
  • Satisfy requirements of investors, banks, and authorities.
  • Support your vision with an evolving guide to evaluate your progress and plan for the future.