Finance the launch of your Start-up or company’s growth without taking a loan, through the BDL 331 Equity Funding Circular

The Central Bank circular 331, announced in August 2013, aims to give a boost to local startups, giving them a greater incentive to set up in Lebanon, keeping their talent and money at home, by making funding more easily available.


The $400 million in this new initiative is 75-percent guaranteed by the BDL for local banks, equity investment accelerators, incubators, funds and startups.


These funds are dedicated only to Lebanese companies and Lebanese funds. With the objective to create a technological digital sector in Lebanon, Designed to empower start-ups and SMEs.


General Conditions:

  • Up to $400 million for Equity Investment
  • Available through Venture Capital firms and/or Lebanese Banks for direct investment in Lebanese SAL start-ups
  • Direct Investment in Lebanon SAL start-ups
  • Indirect Investment via Accelerators & funds


Target Sectors

  • Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Digital Content / Movies / Music
  • Design (Fashion, Jewelry…)
  • Renewable Energies
  • Industrial Design
  • Life Sciences


Main Qualification conditions:

  • Applicant companies must be Lebanese joint-stock company (SAL) with nominal shares, not a financial or an offshore companies
  • Companies should rely on knowledge economy and support creative skills
  • Companies should have an enriching impact on economic and social growth and job creation in the Lebanese market


Period and participation:

Period of Investment and sitting on board does not exceed seven years. The Participation may not exceed 80% in the equity of the company.

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